Grupo sniper, was founded in 1997 as a company dedicated to training and consulting in emergencies related to public security, as soon as we started training operations we realized that this could not exist without quality equipment, by 1999 we had already provided training in practically the entire country, to federal, state and municipal dependencies, based on this our company decided to move to offer police and military equipment with a simple philosophy, first it had to be tested by ourselves.

We do the work of any other military or police officer in the world, but with the ever-changing challenges we face every day, our equipment must fit our country tactically, operationally, and monetarily speaking.

With extensive military experience, with special groups, federal and state prisons, we had to adapt our training and bring it to our market, which made us, over the years, advisors to many of the agencies mentioned above.

To date we represent the most innovative companies with the greatest prestige but also with the longest validity in the market, some of our represented companies exceed 100 years of existence and on average the total of these factories reaches 55 years.

We deliver to the final client from the initial advice, the proper choice of equipment, we provide the necessary training of the purchased goods, we take care of all guarantees, whether due to malfunctions or additional requirements of the equipment and our service does not end there, we accompany the user since your equipment is registered in your inventories until the processes of destruction or removal of the same.

In other words, we never disassociate ourselves and our philosophy is that we are not interested in your purchase, we are interested in your life.


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